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Connect with Passages a New Interactive Web Project
By Peel Heritage Complex | Published  07/20/2011 | Arts & Entertainment | Unrated
Peel Heritage Complex
Peel Heritage Complex - Discover... Explore... Wonder... More than just well preserved buildings, it's a place where the past, present and future are linked in dynamic displays and explored through creative programming and research. Located at 9 Wellington St. E., Brampton, ON. For more information call 905-791-4055. 

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Brampton - What we keep tells a story… A chipped coffee mug. A used concert ticket. Photos of relatives or a home left behind. Organized by the Peel Heritage Complex, Passages is an interactive web project. It aims to connect the Peel community through photos and stories about the objects people keep.

“We all make passages through life. We celebrate points along the way which we remember through photographs or other keepsakes. Some passages are physical journeys to a new home. We carry with us those things that remind us of the people, places, and experiences we left behind. This web project explores what these things say about us – both as individuals and as a community,” said Christine Boyanoski, guest curator of Passages. “We know what makes us different; now, what is it that we all share?”

Visitors to can view the gallery, submit their own photo and story, and discover unexpected connections.

The Peel Heritage Complex is currently undergoing its own passage: a major renovation and expansion that will mean new spaces, new exhibits and new connections. The Passages web project connects to a larger inaugural exhibit being planned for the opening. A second part will feature the photo-based work of several noted Canadian artists – Sara Angelucci, William Eakin, Vid Ingelevics, Donald Rance and Greg Staats – examining how personal and collective memory resides in the objects we keep. The exhibition will be complemented by a selection of photographs from the Peel Archives made by artist Vid Ingelevics.

“In addition to launching Passages during the Peel Heritage Complex’s temporary closure, Art Gallery staff are working on an array of exhibitions featuring works by artists from local, regional and national spheres,” said Diane Allengame, Acting Manager.“We will have three times more exhibition space when we re-open, and new and returning visitors to the Art Gallery will experience a variety of changing shows – plus ongoing exhibitions drawn from our outstanding Permanent Collection.”

Passages is funded in part by the Ontario Arts Council.

The Peel Heritage Complex is making history. Currently undergoing a $13 million restoration and expansion of the Art Gallery, Archives and Museum, the Peel Heritage Complex is closed to the public, re-opening in spring 2012.

Visit to learn more about exciting changes.
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