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Savannah Summer Festival
By Guest Journalist | Published  06/19/2011 | Arts & Entertainment | Rating:
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Brampton - Award winning musician Jane Bunnett brings her vibrant Latin sound to the Ninth Annual Savannah Festival of Rhythms.

The free festival which takes place Sunday July 24, outdoors at the Rose Theatre in Brampton, presents a feast for music lovers and covers the range from Latin to Jazz, R & B to hot island rhythms.

Along with Bunnett, this year's festival features the Roy Cape All Stars, direct from the Caribbean, the Jazz sounds of the Terry Logan Movement with Michael Arthurs, and the Latin funk of Amadeo Ventura and Rebel Rhythm.

Savannah Festival Of Rhythms takes place from 2pm to 8pm at the Garden Square at the Rose Theatre in the heart of Brampton. The festival is presented by Savannah Naturals Beverage Company in association with the City of Brampton Arts Culture and Theatres. The Savannah festival is a proud supporter of the Sickle Cell awareness campaign.

For more information please contact festival organizers at (416) 461-5255 or visit the website at

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