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Michael Ignatieff “Family Pack”
By Dr. Ruby Dhalla  | Published  04/5/2011 | City/Region News | Rating:
Brampton - On April 4th, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff launched the Liberal Platform which featured the “Liberal Family Pack”-a five point plan to strengthen families.

“Over 50,000 families were served last year in Brampton’s only soup kitchen, a clear indication that families in Brampton are suffering. Whether it’s seniors hoping to age with dignity or families struggling with the high cost of education and childcare, Bramptonians need a government that cares ,” says Dhalla.

To help hardworking families in Brampton address the soaring costs of living and increasing burden on youth and seniors, the Liberals have announced a five-point plan to strengthen families:

1. Canadian Learning Passport – to help families pay for college and university
2. Early Childhood Learning and Care – to create more high-quality affordable
child care spaces
3. Family Care – to help family caregivers take time off from work to care
for sick loved ones, and to help with the costs of caregiving
4. Stronger Public Pensions – to enhance the Canada Pension Plan to make it easier to save for retirement, and provide more help for low-income seniors
5. Green Renovation Tax Credit – to help families save on energy costs while
helping the environment

“The Liberal plan will help all Bramptonians succeed. Whether you’re a student looking to pay for post-secondary education, a senior looking for retirement security or parents seeking affordable childcare space, the Liberal Party has provided real solutions to these problems,” says Dhalla.

In a historic online platform launch event, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff presented the fully costed Liberal Platform to all Canadians which e Liberal budget is fully costed and does not raise taxes on families – it presents a plan with no increase in personal income tax, sales tax, or small business taxes.

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