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Peel High School performs in London, England!
By A&E Headlines | Published  01/30/2011 | Arts & Entertainment | Rating:
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150 Central Park Drive (in Brampton Civic Centre)
Box Office: 905-793-4600

Wednesday, March 2 @ 11:30am & 8:00pm
Tickets: $10 Adults, $6 Students

Brampton - Robert F. Hall Catholic Secondary School, in Caledon East, Ontario is proud and excited to be performing a theatrical production in London, England in March 2011.  Hall Drama is performing their original Canadian comedy, DR. ARCTIC'S CINEMA INFERNO, at the Theatro Technis is Camden Town, London on March 14 and 15th.  They will be performing for local high school students and community, and, hopefully, for Canadians living or visiting the UK.  Hall Drama will also be performing the play to the public before their departure on March 2ndat the Pearson Theatre Brampton.

Hall Drama is an internationally recognized dramatic arts department that has performed all over North America and has garnered a massive volume of awards and commendations.  It has sold-out venues as large as 2300 seats and has performed in some of the most prestigious professional theatres in Ontario, including the Winter Garden Theatre and Tarragon Theatre in Toronto, Rose Theatre, Brampton, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, and Orangeville Opera House.  Its productions range from cyber-punk versions of MACBETH, to Stephen Berkoff's GREEK, to an all-male cast of ROMEO & JULIET.  Our alumni include George Stroumbolopolous, Melissa Grelo, James Hartnett and David Reale.  Over the years, Hall Drama has produced ethnic comedies, farces, Stomp-style percussive performances, operettas, original musicals, dramas, and modern Canadian classics.  This will be a great opportunity for audiences to watch a play performance from one of Canada's most recognized theatre schools.

DR. ARCTIC'S CINEMA INFERNO is a hilarious satirical send up of the Canadian Film and Television industry and of all things Canadian.DR. ARCTIC'S CINEMA INFERNO pays homage to the great and no-so-great B movies of the mid-19th Century that tried desperately to terrify their audiences with werewolves, mummies, zombies, and vampires.  And with the creative help of pre-recorded short films, projected images, and live video feeds, DR. ARCTIC'S CINEMA INFERNO is ultimately an hysterical, side-splitting comedy that will have you rolling in the aisles.

The story follows the cinematic adventures of two very mediocre film producers, Donald Franklyn and Gerry Stein.  After a series of movie flops, including such Canadian horror fiascos as, Hurry Hard, the Curling Bonspiel Massacre, Attack of the Giant Bon Homme! and Pot Smoking Vampires of Vancouver Island, the two inept movie makers take one last shot at film success.  Their final idea is to make a film set in Canada's glacial arctic about a mad scientist who is trying to create the perfect evil creature by combining the genomes of all the others, a werewolf, a zombie, a phantom, a mummy, and Godzilla.  After convincing two mobsters to lend them production money, they work frantically over three days, with a barrage of talentless and inexperienced actors and crew, to make what will surely be a classic in Canadian film history, DR. ARCTIC'S CINEMA INFERNO.

For more information contact:
Rob Ciccotelli

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