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What did you learn today?
By Gordon Newman | Published  12/19/2010 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Gordon Newman
Gordon J. H. Newman, CPT - Gordon is President of The Newman Learning Group Inc. an organization dedicated to providing value add learning and development solutions to improve the bottom line performance of organizations and individuals.  Gordon may be reached at or 905-790-2944 or

Gordon's recently published book There Has To Be A Better Way can be purchased on-line. 

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Brampton - A student comes home from school. One of the first thing we the parent says "What did you learn today?" Sound familiar? Generally we hear: "Nothing".  Not exactly a correct answer but one the student believes is correct from his or her perspective.

Now consider coming into the house after a day at work.  Perhaps you and your partner ask the same question; "So, what's new at work?" Again, the response may be "Nothing". From your perspective that is the correct response.

If these are really valid responses then it would appear the day has been somewhat wasted. As individuals we need new experiences, for variety, stimulation, call it what you will.  Without that something different going on day after day we are very easily lulled into complacency and fail to move to our full potential.

At this point you may be saying to yourself, "how can I possibly learn something every day?"  A valid question.  Let's look at a couple of possibilities.

If you ride public transit in the GTA there is likelihood that you have seen the paper Metro.  Most riders on the GO system pick one up.  Each article may not be of interest but no doubt you read one or more detail.  That article gives you insight into something you did not know before.  You have learned something.

As you walk around shopping malls, the Path in downtown Toronto and many other venues, even your local barbershop what do you see?  A large television with the cable news channel providing both oral and written news bites.  We have a tendency to look at them if for nothing else than to either check the time or the weather forecast.  In doing so, it is impossible not to catch some of the written notes or hear something from the announcer.  Generally it is news, which is new to us and again you have learned something.

If you work with a group of people in your office or plant then you are regularly interacting with people with different life experiences.  During coffee break or over lunch you have discussions and they tell you of things that are happening or have happened to them.  Perhaps you discuss the job and how it is done.In many cases, this is new information.  Again, you have learned something.

The trick is not to go out intentionally looking to learn something today.  Rather it is to pay attention to what is happening in your life.  Then ask how you can use your new found knowledge to improve your life; your performance at work; your participation as a member of society.

You really did learn something today.  Now what are you going to do with what you learned?

Gordon J. H. Newman, CPT

Gordon is President of The Newman Learning Group Inc. an organization dedicated to providing value add solutions to improve the bottom line performance of organization and individuals.Gordon may be reached at or 905-790-2944
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