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Dini Petty, Skip Prokop & Alex Mustakas, Presenters at This Year’s HACE
By Brampton Arts Council | Published  11/1/2010 | Arts & Entertainment | Unrated
Brampton Arts Council
The Brampton Arts Council is a charitable, multi-arts umbrella organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the arts in the City of Brampton. Representing numerous artists and arts groups, the Brampton Arts Council encourages and recognizes excellence in the arts across the community.  For more information and frequent updates, visit  

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Brampton - Make sure to check out the HACE Business of the Arts workshops for this year! They take place November 11 – 14 at the Brampton Golf Club with sessions Thursday & Friday night, all day Saturday & a concluding seminar Sunday.

Creating a reputation for its high-calibre speakers, this event proves to continually improve and impress those that attend. We are honoured this year to have reporter, personality, and author Dini Petty. Known for her vivacious free spirit, Petty will share her triumphs and tribulations in the seminar examining her experiences.

Also similarly Canadian icon, Skip Prokop of Lighthouse fame hosts his workshop “Get Rid of the Smoka Machines” expressing his life knowledge.

Due to massive response we have more courses this year on using that darn fangled internet to an artist’s advantage. Returning presenter Kim McBrien helps manage this with two of her seminars: “Why Blog? Why Now?: Blogging for Success” and “Tweets, not Twits: Use Twitter the Smart Way & Expand Your Audience”

Another area of interest for some of our members is HACE regular Barry Siskind’s workshops on the art of presentation and marketing in “Master the Skills of Working Your Booth” and “Attracting Visitors to Your Trade Show Booth”.

For those who seek legal information and experience, look into lawyer Jason Klein’s “The Legal Side of the Music Business Today”, administrator Rodney Murphy’s “SOCAN for Musicians” and S.L. Feldman’s Vice President Richard Mills’, to be announced seminar. All are graciously returning popular presenters.

Registration costs nothing for Brampton residents though space is limited and reserved on a “first come, first serve” basis. For more information or to reserve your space, call or email the office: (905) 874-2919  Registration forms and workshop descriptions are also available on the website:

Kelly Lewars
Technical Communications Assistant
Brampton Arts Council  
Supporting the arts since 1978
T: 905-874-2919 ext. 6005
F: 905-874-2921

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