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Former Heavyweight Champ Endorses Mayoral Candidate Haines
By Community Notes | Published  10/20/2010 | 2010 Brampton Municipal Election | Rating:
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Brampton - Former Canadian heavyweight boxing champion and anti-drugs activist George Chuvalo has endorsed mayoral candidate Bruce Haines’ election bid for Mayor of Brampton.

“As a Canadian citizen, former professional boxer, and anti-drugs activist among Canada’s youth, I am proud to endorse Bruce Haines’ bid for mayor of Brampton and his plan to bring a new sports and entertainment complex to the city,” says Chuvalo.

“This project is just what Brampton and the GTA needs. It will promote sports on the national and international level and give our youth a healthy alternative to getting involved in drugs, gangs and violence,” Chuvalo says.

He added that sport has always been a powerful way to bring communities together. He believes this new complex will fill a huge hole in Brampton and serve as an example for the rest of the GTA.

Chuvalo, who tragically lost several family members as a result of substance abuse, has been an outspoken activist against drug use since the early 1990s. He works with youth across Canada on the issues of drug and alcohol abuse.

“Mr. Chuvalo is a Canadian icon whose tireless work with the youth of Canada has been outstanding,” says Haines.

“Our bold vision for a better Brampton falls directly in line with the tremendous work that Mr. Chuvalo has been doing. Not only will this sports and entertainment project attract employers and industry to Brampton, they will engage youth and help them to a better life. It is with great honour that I accept his endorsement,” says Haines.

Bruce Haines is a mayoral candidate in the upcoming municipal elections in Brampton, ON. Haines promises to bring integrity, accountability, and respectability back to Brampton.

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