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Itís Easy
By Gordon Newman | Published  10/3/2010 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Gordon Newman
Gordon J. H. Newman, CPT - Gordon is President of The Newman Learning Group Inc. an organization dedicated to providing value add learning and development solutions to improve the bottom line performance of organizations and individuals.  Gordon may be reached at or 905-790-2944 or

Gordon's recently published book There Has To Be A Better Way can be purchased on-line. 

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Brampton - "It's easy you'll catch on in no time." Ever heard these words from a co-worker when starting a new job or new role? More importantly, can you recall using these words or words very similar to a new employee in your area?

Perhaps the answer to both questions is YES. So what does that mean? We all believe our jobs require a unique talent / knowledge that we possess. We also believe that someone should be able to pick up the job easily. After all, they were hired because they are or should be able to do the job? Again all of these statements could be and often are true.

It is quite acceptable to recognize that we bring something unique to the table. After all, we are all unique individuals with different experiences. We have taken training / development programs to learn how to do what it is we do. We alone have that uniqueness in the way we perform our daily tasks, regardless of how many other people perform the same tasks each and every day. That is the human difference we bring to the table.

We also are correct in believing that someone with the right skill sets and attributes should be able to learn to do our job. Perhaps they will do things just a little differently but that is because they will inject their own personality into the position. Again, we are correct in assuming that the individuals obtained their jobs because someone believes they have the knowledge, skills, attributes, capabilities to do the job.

However, one aspect all too often overlooked is that of intuitiveness.After doing any task or series of tasks we develop a sort of sixth sense about what needs to be done, when and how.It is almost like we operate on auto pilot. This is what allows us to improve our productivity year over year without making any major changes in our processes. To put it succinctly we do our jobs intuitively.

This becomes a challenge when training another in our tasks.Because we function intuitively webelieve they will as well.Unfortunately they have not had our experience. As a result, we can unknowingly leave out critical steps when explaining how a task is completed, the WHAT/WHERE/WHEN. We can leave out important information that explains the significance of each step in a task, the WHY. More importantly we do not cover completely the HOW. Then we wonder why the new person does not see that "it's easy".

The next time you are required to train a new individual, give careful thought to exactly what you do both of a conscious and intuitive nature.The result will be a better trained individual which will reflect well on you and be of benefit to the organization as a whole.

Copyright Gordon J. H. Newman, CPT

Gordon is President of The Newman Learning Group Inc. an organization dedicated to providing value add solutions to improve the bottom line performance of organization and individuals.Gordon may be reached at or 905-790-2944

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