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Frank Iorio - Profile
By Frank Iorio | Published  09/27/2010 | 2010 Brampton Municipal Election | Rating:
Frank Iorio
Frank Iorio was born in Brampton at Peel Memorial Hospital and has lived in Brampton all his life. He attended French immersion grade school, St. Thomas Aquinas high school and Sheridan College in Brampton for Business. Frank also studied Sociology at York University. He has worked with different local organizations such as Greenvisions in attempts to protect Brampton’s remaining greenspace.

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Brampton - Frank Iorio is a candidate in the upcoming municipal election. He is running for the position of City Councillor in wards 9 and 10.

NAME: Frank Iorio

CANDIDATE FOR: City Councillor Wards 9 & 10

OCCUPATION: Puretap Water, Operations Manager; Casa d’Iorio, Marketing

AGE: 24

DO YOU LIVE IN THE WARDS?: Yes, for the last 10 years.


CONTACT INFORMATION (phone/email/website):
(647) 241-3202/  

Question: What do you consider the most important issue in the wards you wish to represent and what would you do to address that issue?

The most concerning issue I believe facing Wards 9 and 10 is the fact that Brampton residents pay a significantly higher level of property tax compared to adjacent municipalities. Furthermore, they do not receive anywhere close to the same level of services enjoyed in other municipalities. While speaking with residents throughout Wards 9 & 10, I have found that the common consensus is that their taxes are too high and the money is not well spent.

Parks are scarce and undersized. Many newly developed areas are missing walking paths, lights and facilities. These areas must be addressed now, not at the convenience of the city. We lack community programs and community centres. In Wards 9 & 10 we do not have a recreation centre that accommodates the needs of the residents. Instead, we have to drive to other wards in order to use their centres. Furthermore, Wards 9 & 10 need to be cleaned of garbage and litter; constructions sites, boulevards and road sides are a mess.

We need to protect our community from deterioration and hold the city council accountable for the rates of property tax we pay. If I have the honour of representing the residents of Wards 9 and 10 as city councillor, I would immediately address the issue of high property tax. I would stress the importance of fiscal responsibility, so that taxpayer dollars are not wasted. I would stress the importance of strategic planning, so that the services in Wards 9 and 10 are developed alongside its rapid residential growth. In addition, I would insure that the money collected from property taxes is used in the best interest of the residents in Wards 9 and 10. This would include establishing community safety and community clean-up programs. Lastly, I also feel very strongly about the lack of job creation within Brampton and within Wards 9 and 10. High property taxes continue to rise; however, the city is not providing the appropriate incentives to keep or encourage the establishment of businesses within the city of Brampton. As your city councillor I would like to introduce a networking program that would connect and support business in Brampton not only with each other but also with unemployed Bramptonians. It is time for the city to start working for its residents. It is time for change. So on October 25th, vote for Frank Iorio, from Brampton, for Brampton.

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