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Open Letter to Brampton Candidates from the Peel Poverty Action Group
By Peel Poverty Action Group | Published  09/13/2010 | 2010 Brampton Municipal Election | Rating:
Peel Poverty Action Group
Peel Poverty Action Group (PPAG) is composed of service providers, advocates and individuals working towards the elimination of poverty in the Region of Peel.  PPAG began in November, 1997, arising from a Child Poverty Forum sponsored by the Social Planning Council of Peel.  PPAG’s mission is to work toward eliminating poverty by increasing awareness and sensitivity to the needs of those affected by poverty and to advocate for positive social and political change. 

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Brampton - This is an Open Letter to all incumbents/candidates taking part in the municipal election in the City of Brampton in October, 2010:

Dear Councillor/Council candidate,

Peel Poverty Action Group (PPAG) congratulates you on seeking election/re-election to Brampton City Council. PPAG is a non-profit organization, providing a forum where people who are struggling and those who work with them can air their views and ideas. We present these ideas to all levels of government.

PPAG wishes to draw your attention to several municipal issues:

(1) We know from the experiences of our members and from reports of the social agencies working with them, that people experiencing homelessness cannot even begin to address problems of mental health, joblessness, isolation, until they have secure shelter. As well, 14,500 families are on the wait list for affordable/social housing in Peel -- and they may wait 20 years for it. Housing is key to dealing with poverty in Peel Region. The attached list of "asks," presented to Caledon, Brampton, and Mississauga Councils, suggests approaches to this difficulty.

PPAG anticipates that the issues in the “asks” will be raised at all-candidates meetings and with canvassers on the doorstep.

(2) Our members urge that you not accept election campaign money from corporations (including developers) or from trade unions. The City of Toronto recently agreed to such a ban; PPAG is also writing to some of the corporate donors, asking them not to give. Brampton does not publish on its website all the information to which the public is entitled. You can find out more about Brampton's municipal election finances at

(3) With the help of Ontario Trillium Foundation, York University, and the Social Planning Council of Peel, PPAG has produced a 14-minute video, Spaces and Places: Uncovering Homelessness in the Region of Peel. PPAG would welcome an opportunity to show it to you and your supporters at no charge. Please suggest a place and time convenient to you.

Peel Poverty Action Group applauds your decision to take part in the October municipal election, and wishes you a vigorous and rewarding campaign.

On behalf of PPAG,
Edna Toth
PPAG Chair

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