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You Recognizing Success
By Brampton Arts Council | Published  07/27/2010 | Arts & Entertainment | Unrated
Brampton Arts Council
The Brampton Arts Council is a charitable, multi-arts umbrella organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the arts in the City of Brampton. Representing numerous artists and arts groups, the Brampton Arts Council encourages and recognizes excellence in the arts across the community.  For more information and frequent updates, visit  

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Brampton - How many times have you marvelled at the big names who come from our little city and wished there were more out there? Those household names like Russell Peters, Michael Cera and Trey Anthony recognized not only locally and nationally but internationally for their brand of work. What if they were only the iceberg’s tip of successful artistic Bramptonians?

Brampton Arts Council is recognizing past arts achievers and present up and comers with listings of Brampton success stories. The Success Stories page can be found on our website under the HACE category but this is by no means a solo effort. We look to enlist the community to help contribute. If you know an artist who is not on the list, submit a form via our website (there’s a link under contact information) when they fit the following criteria:
- achieved a level of accomplishment (formal recognition or awards for their work)
- In any field(s) of the arts (literary, performing, media, visual, production, groups and other)
- Must be a Bramptonian (either born or lived in Brampton).

The submitted success story can be someone alive or at rest. If they are a multi-disciplined artist, a form must be filled out for each discipline. Visit to see success stories, or connect to the form.

Kelly Lewars
Youth Liaison
Brampton Arts Council
Supporting the arts since 1978
T: 905-874-2919 ext. 6005
F: 905-874-2921

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