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Be Part of Peelís History
By Peel Heritage Complex | Published  04/4/2010 | Arts & Entertainment | Rating:
Peel Heritage Complex
Peel Heritage Complex - Discover... Explore... Wonder... More than just well preserved buildings, it's a place where the past, present and future are linked in dynamic displays and explored through creative programming and research. Located at 9 Wellington St. E., Brampton, ON. For more information call 905-791-4055. 

For frequent updates, visit Peel Heritage Complex for more information. 

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Brampton - In recognition of Archives Awareness Week, the Peel Heritage Complex is encouraging you to discover Peel's history by playing their online photo quiz at Entrants who answer correctly will win an invitation to attend a re-opening event at the renovated Peel Heritage Complex in fall 2011. The contest runs from Monday, April 5 to Sunday, April 25.

The Province of Ontario recognizes Archives Awareness Week during the first full week in April. 

"The Region of Peel's Archives ensure a community legacy by preserving evidence of past thoughts, deeds and actions," said Diane Allengame, Acting Manager, Peel Heritage Complex. "We're storing memories."

Archives protect photographs, documents, records and other materials of historical interest. Archival material can come from individuals and families, government, businesses, community groups and organizations. Archival material can be used in thousands of different ways… from providing old street names to background for municipal environmental assessments to genealogy and educational research.

The oldest record in the Archives at the Peel Heritage Complex was created in the early 1800s. Its photograph collection spans 1850 to modern day, and captures events such as Hurricane Hazel, the AVRO Arrow, the development of Bramalea, the Mississauga train derailment and much more.

The Peel Heritage Complex is making history. A $10 million restoration and construction project commenced in March 2010 to enhance the land and buildings that hold the Region of Peel's museum, archives and art gallery. The Peel Heritage Complex will be temporarily closed until fall 2011 due to construction.

The Peel Heritage Complex collects, preserves and displays art, artifacts and archival documents significant to Peel's culture and heritage. Operated by the Region of Peel, PHC is located at 9 Wellington St., E. in Brampton. Visit for more information.

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