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Brampton Mixed Masters Baseball League
By Sports Notes | Published  03/14/2010 | Sports & Leisure | Rating:
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Brampton - If you're a male 35+ or a female 30+ and are looking to join a fun ball league please come join us on Thursday nights.  We are the Brampton Mixed Slow-pitch League (BMMSL).  Games are played Thursday evenings at Sesquia Diamonds (Bramalea Rd and Mayfield Rd) Brampton.

The BMMSL is 24 years old.  Our first game is on May 20th.  There are play-offs at the end of the season followed up by a banquet.

For additional information please go to our website at or call 905-873-6660     

We are looking forward to this year's ball season and hope you can join us!

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