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Children's Authorstrator Visit During March Break
By Brampton Library | Published  03/10/2010 | Community News | Rating:
Brampton Library
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What do you get when you cross an author with an illustrator?
An authorstrator!

Brampton - Jeremy Tankard is the authorstrator of picture books such as Grumpy Bird, Me Hungry!, and Boo Hoo Bird. He will be visiting Brampton Library to inspire budding writers and artists during the March Break. Jeremy will talk about his journey to become a published authorstrator, as well as all that is involved in creating a picture book. Come, learn some drawing tricks, and hear Jeremy read aloud from one or two of his award winning books.

Jeremy Tankard, Authorstrator visit to Brampton Library

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Four Corners Branch 10:15am
South Fletcher’s Branch 1:00pm

Children of all ages are welcome to attend with a parent/caregiver. This programme is free of charge and offered on a drop-in basis. For more information visit the Brampton Library website at or call (905) 793-INFO (4636).

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