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The Rock School Presents “A Night of Guitar”
By A&E Headlines | Published  02/28/2010 | Arts & Entertainment | Unrated
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Featuring Guitar Virtuosos Michael Angelo Batio & Dave Martone

Brampton - On Thursday March 18th 2010 The Rock School will present a star-studded guitar concert.

The first annual “A Night of Guitar” will feature performances showcasing a variety of guitar genres including Progressive Rock, Jazz, Shredding, Acoustic, Ska and Reggae. The concert will feature world-renowned guitarist, Michael Angelo Batio, who was recently named the “No. 1 Shredder of All Time” by Guitar One Magazine. Michael invented and was the world’s first player of the twin-necked, left and right-handed double-guitar. He plays guitar right or left-handed, plays both guitars together in harmonies or two separate parts together at the same time. Also performing is one of Canada’s finest guitarist, Dave Martone, voted to be “in the top 4 underground shredders in North America” by Guitar One Magazine. He has played and recorded with the likes of 3 Doors Down and Joe Satriani . Opening acts include The Rock School advanced female and male students ages 15 to 19, owner of the Rock School Toni Gavrilovic and Guitar Instructors Jason Wilford and Dave Ljubanovich.

The Rock School continues to challenge and inspire students of all ages. As an institution dedicated to providing quality and innovative music education, this yearly event will provide the Rock School music students with the opportunity to perform with guitar virtuosos at an unforgettable jam session. The Rock School will donate a portion of ticket sales to the Autism Society of Canada to support the families and children affected by autism who attend the Rock School and reside within our community.

“A Night of Guitar” takes place at 7:00pm at the Rose Theatre located at 1 theatre lane in Brampton on Thursday March 18, 2010, tickets range from $45 to $65 and can be purchased in person, or by calling 905 874 2800 or online at

For more information please visit:

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