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Brampton Concert Band - 2010: A Space Odyssey
By A&E Headlines | Published  01/17/2010 | Arts & Entertainment | Rating:
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Brampton - The City of Brampton Concert Band will close its very successful 2009/2010 125th Anniversary Concert Series with a gaze towards the deep realms of space, presenting "2010: A Space Odyssey" at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday March 6, 2010 at the Rose Theatre.  On behalf of our music director, Darryl Eaton, we invite you to an evening inspired by the vast wonders of space that have for so long captured the imaginations of the artist and dreamer.

A special and awe-inspiring start to the program will be followed by performances of selections from Gustav Holst's seminal work "The Planets", beautiful tone poems, light-hearted gestures such as "Music from Starlight Express" and even a look at music from space-inspired films such as Star Trek and Star Wars.  The engaging and eclectic repertoire for the evening will include a newer works - the mysterious "Steps by Starlight" by Japanese composer Tetsunosuke Kushida- amongst more familiar compositions.   Visual effects will interplay with the music throughout the evening to engage the audience in what surely is a concert that should not be missed.

It is fitting for our band to conclude its 125th anniversary celebration concert series with a perspective towards the wonders that lie beyond the secure bounds of our planet.  A reflection on time and space in our art of music, leads to a reflection on the band's foundation in our community and traditions, and stretches our imaginations as we set our sights to the horizon and beyond for new opportunities and possibilities.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Tickets may be purchased at the RoseTheatre or Lester B. Pearson box offices or by calling 905‑874-2800 or  They are also available at the Harmsworth Decorating Centre at 24 Main Street South.  Free parking is available below the RoseTheatre at the intersection of Theatre Lane and Union Street.  Ticket prices are Adults $20, Seniors and Students $18 and Children 12 and under $10.  For more information on our organization and other upcoming concerts and events in 2010 please visit our website,

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