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Out With The Old And In With The New, Innovative, And Progressive
By Business Notes | Published  12/31/2009 | Business & Finance | Unrated
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Brampton - It's a sort of mantra for growth and industry leadership that's fast become a claim to fame for business in the City of Brampton. Local enterprises enjoy a nurturing business environment, and now the city that's geared for growth is pleased to welcome yet another innovation.

Last year, Holiday Inn worldwide embarked on a new initiative to change its family-oriented image in the eyes of its youth market. The hotel chain wanted a fresh, clean, and hip new look in an effort to be perceived as a business and pleasure destination by younger generations.

The Holiday Inn Toronto - Brampton Conference Centre was the first Select hotel in Ontario to undergo the rebranding. Service expansions and renovations began in the spring of 2009 and were finished by the fall.

The hotel's President and CEO Dr. Eshri Singh feels that rebranding was the right move.

"The new branding is hipper," he says, "and with the fresh look and improved services and facilities, we feel we are in a better position to address modern challenges and the needs of our clients."

Brampton's Holiday Inn is proud to be a "full service hotel," with a host of features and amenities ranging from a bar and lounge, conference capability, a 24-hour fitness facility and airport shuttle services. The hotel boasts a large indoor swimming pool and a complete business facilities centre. As an added touch to the rebranding, the hotel has incorporated additional renovations, which are scheduled to be fully implemented by fall 2010.

According to Dr. Singh, the rebranding amounted to much more than just a new look and improved services.

"We are also re-evaluating how we conduct business overall. We've made improvements by empowering employees to make guest stays more memorable, and we've updated our guest rooms with attractive and modern amenities like new Moen showerheads, a new telephone system and improved internet services."

It's no surprise that Brampton's Holiday Inn was the first in line for the new branding initiative. Back in 2005, the hotel began researching ways to increase its energy efficiency and reduce its ecological footprint. Now, four years later, the Holiday Inn Toronto - Brampton Conference Centre proudly touts a four Green Key rating, the second-highest standing offered by the Hotel Association of Canada's Green Key Eco-Rating Program.

The hotel continues to be involved in ongoing "green" initiatives, such as advanced recycling programs and the incorporation of new eco-friendly policies.

Dr. Singh is also a firm believer in giving back to the community.

"After the rebranding, we arranged the donation of leftover furniture to the Brampton Neighbourhood Resource Centre. The hotel was also the first business to initiate an 'adopt a road' program to assist with the upkeep of a nearby stretch of roadway," he says.

In fact, the hotel's enthusiastic and timely adoption of the rebranding initiative was driven by its desire to increase overall awareness and profile of the City of Brampton. For 12 years, its old branding was reliably successful; however, fluctuating market demand called for a more modern brand and image. It is the hotel's belief that such a bold move puts its community on the map as an innovative and industry-leading city with the potential for significant contributions within the business community.The new branding was also adopted with the intention of raising morale, promoting a better self-image for the City of Brampton, and ushering in a new philosophy for growth and success.

Without question, Brampton's Holiday Inn has been and will continue to be a leader across all facets of the hotel industry. As the first Select hotel in Ontario to adopt Holiday Inn's new branding, the Holiday Inn Toronto - Brampton Conference Centre is a prime example of the leadership and progressive thinking that sets Brampton businesses apart.

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