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Coffee Culture Still Brewing Strong
By Business Notes | Published  10/8/2009 | Business & Finance | Rating:
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Canadian Café & Eatery Continues
   Plans for Coffee Industry Expansion   

Even with the recession still lurking in the economic background, Canadian brand Coffee Culture™ Café & Eatery shows no sign of slowing down on making their mark in the coffee industry.
"We are a young brand in the coffee world, but we are finding the marketplace very receptive to what we have to offer – a rich coffee experience at a price everyone can afford," says Joe Di Savino, President of Coffee Culture. "We think now is an opportune time for rapid expansion."
The Coffee Culture chain has grown to 75 stores open and in development across North America since 2006. They recently opened their first drive-through in Tonawanda, New York, where they had lineups at the window before the business was even open. The company plans to open an additional 45 locations in Canada and the U.S. by the end of 2011.
"The success of this franchise is due to the fact that we offer a unique experience that is in high demand," says Di Savino. "We bring Old World, European inspired quality and charm to every location. With our premium coffee, robust menu offerings and Euro flair, we are changing the culture of the coffee industry across North America."
About Coffee Culture Café & Eatery:
Coffee Culture presents an exciting, new experience – one that is clearly in demand. Inspired by the Old World coffee houses of Europe, Coffee Culture cafés are destinations for conversation, business and relaxation. Rich colours, comfortable seating and inviting décor treat guests to a little bit of Europe with every visit. Most Coffee Culture locations feature outdoor patios to create a sidewalk café setting with Euro flair. For more information on how we're changing the culture, please visit

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