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Powerful Spiritual Principles to Embrace 24/7
By Business Notes | Published  10/2/2009 | Business & Finance | Unrated
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Ask and You Shall Receive ™ Spiritual Strategies for success in Work & Life

Ancaster - Popular Canadian Author Karen Zizzo ( is proud to announce the publication of her latest inspirational book, "Ask and You Shall Receive ™ - Spiritual Strategies for success in Work & Life" – a book written to encourage paradigm shifts.  

In this unsettled and rapidly changing world, business executives, employees and individuals are seeking new ways to face challenges, drive profit to the bottom line and accomplish their full potential.     

Integrity, wisdom, and honesty principles are weaved into the entrepreneurial and personal stories Karen Zizzo shares throughout this book.  Built from the 7 Spiritual Success Principles Karen wrote about in her first book - "Ask and You Shall Receive – A Miracle for Steven", this book leaves you craving for the next one in her "Ask and You Shall Receive" series – release date expected in 2010. 

Thought-provoking words of wisdom and jewel quotes from well-known sources are ideally located throughout the book and quickly spotted for future quick reference.  Tips for success, including the importance of giving back, seeking solitude, forgiving others, having a sense of humour and celebrating achievements are key concepts discussed in the book.   

Karen felt the timing was right for businesses and individuals to grasp and incorporate integrity based concepts into their lives. With her twenty-five years of experience in the areas of business ownership, corporate training and e-corporate business development, including ten years of business coaching, Karen wanted to use her writing skills to assist her clients and readers to achieve higher levels of success in not only their personal lives but in their business lives as well.  

As John Assaraf of One Coach Inc. says – "Your new book is going to transform the lives of so many people."   

Interview contact:
Publicist:  Joyce Hansen of Class Act Connections
Telephone:    905-278-0952

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