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Mobile Fringe Announces its iPhone App for the University of Toronto
By Business Notes | Published  10/2/2009 | Business & Finance , Computers & Tech | Unrated
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Toronto - Mobile Fringe is set to modernize Canada's Largest University with the launch of its iUofT iPhone application. iUofT allows students to search, learn, and navigate, the campus using their iPhone or iPod Touch mobile devices.

Built on the Mobile Fringe's unique platform, the Toronto University App features:

·  Easy navigation
·  Campus departments and buildings
·  GPS mapping - leveraging Google Maps
·  Shops and Restaurants
·  Campus Services
·  Parking and TTC locations
·  Access University Sports News

Mobile Fringe saw the potential for improved student communications and efficiency by introducing this application and changing the way students access information. Students are much more mobile than they used to be, they want facts in the palm of their hands. The goal is to give users the information quickly so they don't waste valuable looking up data in the traditional methods.

"Mobile communication is turning into the preferred way people want to access information." says Chris Galt Vice President, Marketing Mobile Fringe "Devices like the iPhone and platforms like ours make it easy for organizations to do that."

Download the app here:

About Mobile Fringe
Mobile Fringe is a mobile marketing company that specializes in the production and development of proprietary applications for the iPhone and Blackberry devices. Our unique platforms provides our clients with a seamless solution into the rapidly expanding mobile market (

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