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Timeless Woman LIVE Pro-Age & Panache
By Health & Wellness Notes | Published  09/27/2009 | Health & Wellness | Rating:
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Mississauga -  Baby boomer women are turning 50 at the rate of one every seven to ten seconds. That's more that 12,000 each day and over 4 million a year spanning 18 years. … Coming of Age Inc.

Diana Boyes, Publisher of, an online magazine for women over the age of 50, and the founder of Timeless Woman LIVE, is holding an all day conference for Baby Boomer Women.Having suffered greatly through menopause with depression and related illnesses, Ms. Boyes is on a mission to ensure that women think in terms of Pro Aging – NOT Anti-Aging, and that we live a life filled with meaning and substance.

Dealing with the issues of our new 'lives' is not something most baby boomer women do well."We're caught between parenting our children and parenting our parents with no time left for ourselves," says Diana. "We're dealing with abundant stress that we don't necessarily know how to handle in an era where women are living longer than ever before."ProAge & Panache will focus on staying young, vibrant and healthy in these years where 50 is the new 40.

Keynote Speaker Pat Mussieux, Author of "Who Am I Now?" and "Where Am I Now?" will speak to the women present about the "10 Steps to Happiness."

Professional Speaker and Clairvoyant Deborah Johnson will talk about "Intuition" and how to Tap into Your Own Power. "Women have remarkable intuition," says Johnson, "but they just don't trust it and therefore, don't use it".

Death, Divorce, Empty Nest Syndrome and Parenting our Parents are new stresses that befall our 50+ ladies. Clinical Counselor Cheryl Hitchcock will educate and enlighten women on how to manage and gain "Power over Stress"

Diana Boyes will also speak on the importance of having many friends at his stage of our life. A shoulder to cry one and someone to trust. She'll also talk about the launch of Timeless Woman Friends, a monthly social group of women that will get together and talk, vent, cry, dream and offer advice in a small intimate and trusting circle of friends.

Dr. Rose Jeans, Medical Doctor of Advanced Rejuvenation will explain the new non-surgical technologies available to minimize wrinkles, and re-contour the face and body.

Jennifer Ettinger is an ACE certified personal trainer and creator of the Goddess in Training Program. She'll explain the importance of continual exercise to stay young and healthy.

Julia Fountain, Naturopathic Doctor, will explain about hormones, menopause and the supplements you need and don't need.

"Look 10 Years Younger" Contest (valued at $5000) is being sponsored by Advanced Rejuvenation.

Partial proceeds will be awarded to Interim Place. Breakfast is being sponsored by Zingers and Zoomers and Lunch is sponsored by Cecilia Dutra of Dominion Lending.

It is expected that this conference WILL change the lives of all women that attend.

Tickets $115.00 each or 2 for $200.00 – Includes Continental Breakfast and Lunch. Ticket orders are by phone only at 416-931-1573. Visa, MC or Cheque


Saturday, October 24, 2009 – 8 am – 3 pm

Maple Banquet Hall, 1325 Eglinton Ave. E., Mississauga, ON

For Interviews or Comments

Diana Boyes, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, call 416-931-1573,,

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