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The can Man delivers 25,740 Cans to Recycler
By Business Notes | Published  09/27/2009 | Business & Finance | Rating:
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Brampton - James Young of JEY Enterprises is pleased to advise that, on the 18-Sept-09, 25,740 Aluminum Beverage Cans were delivered to a local recycler yesterday. Add this to prior shipments since December 2008 makes for a total of 43,824 cans or 1,328 lbs since the project was announced last December.

The proceeds will be donated to Habitat for Humanity Brampton in support of their project to build 10 houses for 10 families by 2010. As has been reported this year Habitat Brampton's building program has grown to 18 townhouses over the next two - three years. By the end of 2010 JEY Enterprises hopes to have a sizeable sum from cans to help their building project(s).

Credit for the accumulation of these cans go to a current list of 60 residents of Brampton and over 15 local businesses. The list of collectors has been growing through the efforts of James by giving away over 1,000 30-gallon plastic bags over the summer at various activities around town. These bags when filled with say 200 uncrushed cans will give us 200,000 cans and a nice return.James would like to get more people involved to increase the number of collectors and volunteers to help pickup the bags of cans.

The program is just getting its legs established and will be even more active over the fall and winter months. JEY asks other residents and firms to put their cans aside in special containers and give him a call at 877-330-9077 when you wish to have them picked up.The efforts of the community to help this project are well appreciated and when you decide to get on board think of it as though for each 330 cans or one bag, (10 lbs) you just helped buy a set of door hinges or a door knob.Remember that "Every Can Counts" and they have an important place in funding the building of homes for Habitat for Humanity Brampton.

James will be having a meeting on Oct 6th at 7:00 pm to discuss how we can develop the project. Give him a call at the above number or send an email to with your contact information, Be part of this great project and help raise funds to build homes for families in need. We as a community, through this project, can reduce the number of people waiting for an affordable house. Get on board and help fund the building of houses that CANS built.

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