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Pandemic Preparedness for Small Business
By Small Business Enterprise Centre (Brampton) | Published  09/9/2009 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Small Business Enterprise Centre (Brampton)
At the Small Business Enterprise Centre, we're dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs like you succeed in today's ever-changing business market. Whether you're thinking about opening a business, formulating your business plan, or undergoing change in an established business, the Centre has the expertise to help propel your ideas forward.  Brampton Small Business Enterprise Centre 33 Queen St. West, 1st Floor Brampton, ON, L6Y 1L9 905-874-2650; 

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Please note the Pandemic Planning Workshop for Small Businesses, scheduled for September 14, is postponed until October 22.  The sessions will now be held at Loafer's Lake Recreation Centre, 30 Loafer's Lake Lane, from 9-11 am and 1:30-3:30 pm.

Brampton - Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) and Business Impact Analysis (BIA) are tools that will help  your organization develop a business continuity program and strengthen your organization's influenza  pandemic resiliency. These tools along with other basic preparedness and business continuity techniques are available for FREE for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises by the Brampton Emergency Measures Office and the  Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness.

Influenza pandemics are recurring events that are unpredictable and can severely impact the community  through, for example, the mutation of a benign virus into a more virulent strain. The current pandemic  outbreak of the H1N1 virus globally has resulted in the World Health Organization (WHO) upgrading the  current pandemic to phase 6 meaning that same virus has caused community level outbreaks in multiple  countries in multiple WHO regions. This virus has not caused severe symptoms as originally anticipated,  however as the fall approaches with cooler temperatures and the return of students to school, it is forecasted  that the number of cases will increase dramatically. The Canadian Public Health Agency is estimating that 40  percent of the population could become infected.

What does this mean for your organization? Bluntly, your organization may have to be prepared to continue  operating with a possible 40 percent reduction in your most important assets, your human resources. From  your senior executives to your front-line staff, every level of your organization may be impacted. Some staff  may not make it into work because they are sick or caring for family members who are ill, others because they  fear the possibility of contracting the virus, and those who can work may be prevented because the  government has ordered your establishment closed to prevent, reduce, or mitigate harm. This may not only  impact your human resources, but also your customers. Your clients may potentially be too ill or scared to  purchase your products and services resulting in fewer sales and orders. An increase in the infection rate may  have a significant impact to your enterprise internally and externally.

Rather than reacting, be proactive and attend the Staying Open For Business work session hosted by  Emergency Manager and Business Continuity Professionals: Mr. Alain Normand, Manager of the Brampton
Emergency Measures Office and Mr. James Kilgore, Vice President of Operations for the Canadian Centre of  Emergency Preparedness. This work session offers your organization the opportunity to learn and practice  techniques in basic preparedness and business continuity that can be incorporated into even the most  unsophisticated management system as a logical, low cost, uncomplicated business tool kit to protect vital  operational resources and cash flow.

Please contact the Brampton Small Business Enterprise Centre to reserve your spot by calling 905-874-2650.

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