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Shaktiís Menís Wear comes to Brampton
By Business Notes | Published  12/31/2009 | Business & Finance | Unrated
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Brampton - My wife and myself with our two boys moved to Canada in 2005 Aug. During our stay here we noticed that there is one sector in the Canadian retail side which is missing and that is the middle sector. Here in Canada, we have the bigger brands who sell good products but the prices are very high. Then you have the non brands, the smaller retailers who sell products, but not up to the standards, but are very good in pricing. This is where we wanted to come in. With our clothing manufacturing setup in India we had access to very good fabrics and since we had our own manufacturing, we had access to a good pricing. We have entered into the Men's Wear segment to cater to the mainly working man who needs to dress up daily to go to work in proper formal attire.

Our range consists of Dress Shirts, Dress Trousers, Suits, Cotton Trousers, Polo T-Shirts, Wallets, Leather office Bags, Ties, Belts, Undergarments and Denims. All of our products match in quality with any branded product, but the catch here is that we sell at very affordable prices. Our price structure is Dress Shirts $19.99-24.99, Dress Trousers $24.99-29.99, Ties $12.99-24.99, Suits $149.99-249.99, Wallets $14.99

Belts $9.99-14.99. We are trying to catch on the middle sector market and we plan to expand, but keeping our prices very much within affordable limits.

Our location is as follows

Shakti's Men's Wear
110 Pertosa Dr, Unit 5
Brampton, L6X 5E9
On, Canada.
Ph: (905) 463 1935

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