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Brampton Career Coach Joins Elite Group
By Daisy Wright | Published  07/9/2009 | Employment Assistance | Unrated
Daisy Wright
Daisy Wright is a career transition coach, professional resume writer and contributing writer to several career books.  She is the author of "No Canadian Experience, Eh? A Career Survival Guide for New Immigrants" available December 2006.  Daisy can be reached at: (905) 840-7039, or visit

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Brampton - When Daisy Wright, founder of The Wright Career Solution was looking to enhance her career coaching skills to better serve career-minded professionals, she decided to pursue an International Coach Federation-approved training through Career CoachAcademy. She scheduled time from her business to join an elite group of professionals in a rigorous, 30-hour hands-on curriculum that spanned 15 weeks.

The program consists of comprehensive training in career coaching, assessments, career exploration and decision-making strategies, branding, professional networking, and job search and career advancement strategies. It included live coaching sessions with a Mentor Coach, capped by several hours of written and oral exams. The program also adheres to International Coaching Federation (ICF) core competencies. Wright was successful on the tests and earned the Certified Career Management Coach designation. Ms Wright is one of a handful of Certified Career Management Coaches in Canada.

"With this new certification, added to my training as a career development practitioner, I can offer so much more," said Wright. I can continue to help individuals clarify achievable and purposeful goals, explore, research and build new career opportunities and identify and overcome self-doubts to improve career performance and productivity."

Ms Wright is also an award-winning career coach, and author of the highly-acclaimed No Canadian Experience, eh? a first-of-it's kind career survival guide, not only for internationally trained professionals who are facing difficulties in their job search, but also for jobseekers who face similar challenges.

The Wright Career Solution is based in Brampton, Ontario and offers professional resume writing services, personalized coaching sessions designed to expand clients' career options, help them make greater contributions to their organizations, and deliver results. We help individuals who are serious about moving their careers forward.

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