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Statement from Dr. Ruby Dhalla MP Brampton-Springdale
By Dr. Ruby Dhalla  | Published  05/11/2009 | Political News | Unrated
Brampton - The last week has been a difficult and trying time for me and my family. I have always believed that anyone entering my home should be treated with love, care, compassion and respect. As such, the allegations that have been brought forward against me have come as a shock, and have been devastating to my friends, family and supporters.

As a Member of Parliament I am accountable to my constituents and to Canadians. In that spirit, I myself requested a third-party review of the facts of these matters from the Ethics Commissioner on Wednesday night.

I am the daughter of a loving, caring single mother – an immigrant herself. I have seen first-hand and understand the challenges that immigrants and women face in Canada and around the world. I have dedicated a great part of life to working on these issues.

While the allegations made against myself are false and unsubstantiated, I do believe there are specific reforms that must be made to ensure that the live in care giver program protects both caregivers and employers. I am committed to working with the Canadian Care Givers Association and advocacy groups to ensure these reforms are implemented.

Transparency and accountability have always been important to me in my career as an elected official. This is why I have asked the Ethics Commissioner to conduct an investigation to ensure the truth is brought forward and the matter is resolved in a fair and objective manner. I would request the public and the media to please hold judgment and give my family privacy as we go through this due process.

I want to take this opportunity to also thank my constituents and Canadians from across the country for their continued support during this difficult time. It is most appreciated.

Office of Dr. Ruby Dhalla, M.P.
(905) 874-6868

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