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Brampton Cricket League Youth Program
By Brampton Cricket League | Published  04/30/2009 | Sports & Leisure | Rating:
Brampton Cricket League
Brampton Cricket League (BCL) is a nonp-rofit association and is officially recognized by Ontario Cricket Association (OCA).  We are based in Brampton, Ontario and cater to the residents of the city of Brampton and the Region of Peel.  Visit us at 

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Brampton - Brampton Cricket League is pleased to announce the grand opening of its Summer Youth Program 2009. This outdoor cricket program starts June 6th and will focus on coaching, training, and development of youth aged 10-17 years. The program will provide three months of nonstop cricket until the end of August. The league will provide club equipment, free coaching, and practice sessions in Brampton, as well as games with neighbouring leagues.

"We are very excited about this program.Our mission is to promote outdoor physical activity amongst our youth, keep them off the video games, and provide an alternative to gangs and crime." Faraz Saleem-President Brampton Cricket League.

"We want to provide Cricket Canada and the provincial team with competitive youth. Kids that have correct technical skills will flourish at the highest level. Our concentration is to develop home grown talent," added Sanjay Joshi, Youth Coordinator.

The league can accommodate up to a maximum of 60 players and currently have 31 registered users signed up for the summer. Registration fee is $150 and the form can be downloaded from

For more information, please call Sanjay Joshi at 647-828-2002 or e-mail

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Sam Robert)
    Excellent idea: youth is the key for all cricket!
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