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Brampton City Council Abandons the Fight to Protect Natural Areas
By Greenvisions _ | Published  04/28/2009 | Community News | Rating:
Greenvisions _
Greenvisions, Citizens For Brampton Conservation, formed in 2007, is a non-profit citizen group. Our goal is to promote improvements and inclusion of such lands to the full potential as greenspace for public enjoyment, preserving historic, natural, and aesthetic characters of our environment.  Greenvisions supports development but we believe that growth should come with a balance in order for us to accomplish the goal of being a truly sustainable City.  

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To voice your displeasure with this decision, please write to

Brampton City Council abandons the fight to protect natural areas – on Earth Day 2009!

25+ Flora Species
20+ Fauna Species
6 Wetlands/Marshes
8 Ponds
2 Tributaries

The natural areas of Castlemore are home to vulnerable "species of concern", and provide vital habitat for numerous fish, turtles, deer and birds.These wetlands, ponds, creeks and fields are now set to be bulldozed for housing.Mayor Fennell promised she would fight as an "environmental champion" for Brampton, but instead Council has cut a deal with the developer, leaving residents stunned.


For More Detailed Information about this issue visit

Your VOICE must be heard - send a message to

  This is a Midland Painted Turtle, photographed in September of 2008.

  These four deer were seen in the winter of 2007.

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