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McIntyre New BYHA President
By Brampton Hockey Inc. | Published  04/23/2009 | Sports & Leisure | Rating:
Brampton Hockey Inc.
 Brampton - The Brampton Youth Hockey Association held its Annual General Meeting on April 22 and Glenn McIntyre is the Association's new President.  McIntyre, who was a Board member this past season and was the Vice President of the Intra City League from 2006 to 2008, takes over from Daryl Francis who is staying on the Executive in the role of Secretary.

Henry Vandergriendt was elected as the new Vice President of the Recreational League. Acclaimed to positions on the Executive were Scott Nicholls as Vice President Representative League and Julien Endrody as Vice President of Hockey Development.

Elections were held for 13 positions on the BYHA Board of Directors.  Laura Adams, John Belford, Frank Fascia, Donna Ferrari, Garry Kalcsics, Christ Krist, John Ludchen, Steve Palermo, Monica Polley, Brenda Ward and Howard Watson were all elected to two year terms.Russell Brown and Randy Charles Morin were elected to one year terms.

Below are the member of the Executive and the Board of Directors for the 2009-2010 season.




Glenn McIntyre


Daryl Francis


Scott Nicholls

Vice President, Representative League

Jason Barr

Vice President, IntraCity League

Henry Vandergriendt

Vice President, Recreational League

Julien Endrody

Vice President, Hockey Development

Kevin Rayner

Vice President, Parent Rep

Rick Evans

Vice President, Planning

Paula Smith

Vice President, Special Events

Board of Directors

Laura Adams

John Belford

Russell Brown

Frank Fascia

Donna Ferrari

Garry Kalcsics

Chris Krist

John Ludchen

Randy Charles Morin

Stephen Palermo

Monica Polley

Brenda Ward

Howard Watson

Len Almeida

Shannon Almeida

Kevin Arsenault

Elizabeth Barr

Doug Butler

Mario Celenza

Pat Doran

Bob Faulkner

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