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Home and Workplace Relationship Coaching
By Angela Bennett | Published  02/20/2009 | Home & Family | Rating:
Angela Bennett
During the 1980's Angela began working in the field of child & family mental health services in Peel and the GTA as a child and youth counselor. Angela provided clinical services as part of a multidisciplinary team of clinicians providing services to some of the most challenged children, youth and their families who were often struggling with issues of chronic poverty, family violence, sexual abuse and challenges related to ADHD . During the late 90's Angela shifted her focus to development in the business world where she became passionately involved with leadership and management development. Today Angela is a practitioner with Champagne & Associates where she provides a coaching based practice to clients in the Peel and Toronto communities. The most common reasons for referral during the past year have been: anxiety; home or workplace relationship crisis; midlife issues; adjustments to a separation or divorce.

During her monthly column, "The Fine Art of Relationship With Self and Others", Angela will respond to our reader's own questions. 'Dear Angela' questions can be sent anonymously to: 

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Brampton - Angela believes in a client-therapist process of facilitation and of collaboration. She believes most people "have nothing wrong with them". Many adults struggle with their relationship to self and this is a normal part of their individual development. The fine art of relationship with self and others is the frame for the collaboration. Angela's role is the facilitator, a 'life editor'. The client begins with the telling of their story, creating the capacity to connect with the 'self', which is often lost to the demands of the external world and others.

This is an eclectic practice of cognitive behavioral therapy, storytelling, creative process, and coaching developed over a 20-year career practicing within local child & family mental health organizations.

"When people remain silent they can easily become convinced that there is something wrong with them. I believe we need to begin telling our authentic stories. Through this column I believe that I can engage the public in a dialogue and allow these stories to be told. The ancient practice of storytelling provides the bridge from the heart to the head. It allows us to learn about ourselves and others. These public forums allow us to learn about very normal phases of human development from each other. We will learn that there are many ways to be; none of these ways are wrong."

During her monthly column, "The Fine Art of Relationship With Self and Others", Angela will respond to our reader's own questions. 'Dear Angela' questions can be sent anonymously to:

In the next column Angela will address questions related to adjustment to separation and divorce. Other questions may be submitted for consideration for a future column.

Angela Bennett
Champagne & Associates
Brampton & Toronto
905-450-0590 ext. 2

Services Include:
Individual coaching, couples coaching, group work for those adjusting to independent living after a primary relationship ends. Employee assistance for small business owners and their employees including performance coaching.

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