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Thousands of Bramptonians Losing Their Jobs
By Dr. Ruby Dhalla  | Published  02/12/2009 | Political News , City/Region News | Unrated

  Member of Parliament for
Brampton Springdale
calls for immediate action
by the Conservatives
as job losses increase

Brampton - The job losses across the country are continuing to mount as 130,000 Canadians have lost their jobs in the month of January alone. Many of the individuals impacted by these loses are residents of Brampton.

The elimination of the third shift at the Brampton Chrysler plant, the closure of the Simmons Factory in
Brampton and the closing of ABC Plastics in Toronto, and now the bankruptcy of Nortel has resulted in thousands of Bramptonians loosing their jobs and struggling to make ends meet.

Dr. Ruby Dhalla, Member of Parliament for Brampton-Springdale has been meeting with many of these individuals who are now facing unemployment. Recently, Dr. Dhalla met with the Canadian Labour Congress to discuss initiatives to ensure programs are put in place by the Conservative Government to help those that have been laid off.

Last week Dr. Dhalla also visited the Chrysler Action Centre to meet with single mothers, fathers, and families that have been laid off and are struggling to put food on the table.

Twice this week Dr. Dhalla stood up in Parliament to ask the Government what support they would provide to those that have been laid off.

"I visited the Chrysler Action Center and I met with a single mother named Priscilla who didn't know how she was going to put food on the table and Randy, an individual who was worried about how he was going to make next months mortgage payment" Said Dhalla in her statement in the House of Commons.

"Each had their unique challenge but with one common story- they have lost their jobs in the auto sector. They were looking to the government for help and received none. They tried to apply for E.I but they can't get through and then when someone does answer the phone they have to wait weeks to receive their cheques. When will this government show some compassion and care enough to help the women, men and families that are struggling?" Asked Dr Dhalla.

Dr. Dhalla has also raised the issue of Bramptonians who have been left without severance pay with Nortel's declaration of bankruptcy which has qualified them as 'unsecured creditors.'

On February 9th Dr. Dhalla held the government accountable, stating:

"In this growing economic crisis, hundreds of families in my riding of Brampton-Springdale are losing their jobs, being laid off and let go. Chrysler eliminated its third shift. The result: 1,100 people jobless. ABC Plastics closed its doors. The result: hundreds of workers unemployed."

"Now Nortel claims bankruptcy and its workers are listed as unsecured creditors. The result:: no pay for their work. What steps will be taken to ensure that employees of bankrupt companies are protected as secured creditors and that they get paid for their hard work?" Asked Dr Dhalla.

The Conservative Government have shown no compassion in helping those that are struggling. This is a time for leadership and action. Canadians are looking to their Government for hope not partisanship politics or rhetoric.

"As the Member of Parliament for Brampton Springdale I will continue to speak up on behalf of those that have lost their jobs and are struggling. I will work to ensure that Bramptonians get the help they need" said Dr. Dhalla.

Dr. Dhalla with workers at Brampton Chrysler Action Centre

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