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McKaig launches the second Global Business Today
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published  01/8/2009 | Business & Finance | Unrated
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BBOT CEO Gary Collins, left and Small Business Enterprise Centre General Manager Cassandra Baccardax congratulate Thomas McKaig on the launch of his new book.

Brampton - Thomas McKaig, Certified International Trade Professional (CITP), professor, author, business adviser, and international keynote speaker has launched the second edition of his widely acclaimed textbook, Global Business Today.

An Adjunct Professor in the Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies at the University of Guelph, McKaig has been recognized as Special Graduate Faculty by the University's Board of Graduate Studies. He teaches in the Executive MBA program and undergraduate fields his popular textbook, Global Business Today (McGraw-Hill Ryerson), is widely used across Canada. This is a core textbook in many international trade courses at both the university and college levels, as well as in Executive MBA programs. One of the courses McKaig teaches is an Executive MBA course named after his textbook.

McKaig was educated in Canada, France, the Caribbean, Italy and Germany. A World University Service of Canada seminar participant, he is fluent in several languages, including advanced beginner Russian. He is also International Business Ambassador for the City of Brampton's department of Economic Development.

McKaig's early career included working in institutional equity sales for a major Canadian brokerage firm in London, Zurich, and Milan, where he developed  new Italian equities market for the company.Following that, he carried out an international tenure as Sales Manager with the Royal Canadian Mint's Gold Maple Leaf Coin Department. Later, he was the sole adviser working on the worldwide marketing strategy for the United States Gold Eagle coin, minted by the US Treasury Department's Bureau of the US Mint in Washington, DC.

McKaig is principal in Thomas McKaig International Inc., a highly successful international development firm with clients around the world. He offers advisory services in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. An extensive traveller, McKaig works mainly on-site with clients, wherever they are located in the world, including the Middle East, Africa, North, Central and South America, Central Asia, and East and West Europe.

He also enjoys spending time in Tennessee, where he has been the Executive in Residence at the University of Tennessee for the past few years.

Recently, Thomas delivered a series of successful international trade seminars and workshops with the Camara Nacional de Commercio y Servicios del Uruguay, the Canadian Embassy in Montevideo Uruguay, and the Catholic University of Montevideo, Catolica University.

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