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Hon. Tony Clement Announces Funding for Leadership in Innovation
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published  12/12/2008 | Business & Finance | Unrated
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December 12, 2008 – Hon. Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, addressed a packed Rotary Glen venue this morning to announce that the Canadian Foundation for Innovation will be supported nationally with an injection of $45 million to support more than 200 leaders at learning institutions across Canada.

The Brampton Board of Trade hosted the Minister and was successful at filling the audience with local business leaders, and city and regional representatives. Hotly on the heels of the rejection of an automotive bail-out package for the auto industry in the United States, the auto industry attendees at this event were decidedly uneasy, but supportive of the work being done by the Federal government to take the time, and expend the resources to fully analyze the state of the automotive manufacturing industry in the major Ontario hubs of Brampton, Oakville, and Windsor before making any decisions.

Minister Clement gave a nod to Brampton automotive and parts manufacturers as being the "best in the world", and the announcement today will do much to ensure that the leadership in innovation in the auto industry and many others will see us through to the other side of the economic downturn, so that Canada is prepared with the knowledge, the people, and the entrepreneurial spirit to bring new inventions and scientific discoveries to the marketplace. Canada's leadership as part of the global knowledge-based economy will pay dividends for years to come in terms of job creation, education, and attraction of foreign investment.


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