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 »  Home  »  Community News  »  Adult Volunteer Opportunities  »  Volunteer Opportunities: Elliot House Dedication Event
 »  Home  »  Community News  »  Community Stars  »  Volunteer Opportunities: Elliot House Dedication Event
Volunteer Opportunities: Elliot House Dedication Event
By Habitat for Humanity Brampton | Published  10/26/2008 | Adult Volunteer Opportunities , Student Volunteer Opportunities | Unrated
Habitat for Humanity Brampton
Habitat for Humanity is an international, non-profit, faith-based organization working for a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. Our mission is to mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting homeownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty. For more information call Tel: (905) 455-0883 or visit us at 

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  Sunday November 2nd, 2008 
120 & 122 Sled Dog Road

Brampton - This is the day that our 2 Partner Families will receive the keys to their new homes.  The homes will be available to tour.  We are expecting 300 people to share in this celebratory event and hope that you can join us to help make it special for our families, volunteers, and sponsors.

·   We are urgently looking for 60 great volunteers to help out before and during this event

·   Come to an information night on Wed. Oct. 29 at 7- 9PM at the ReStore (268 Rutherford Rd. S) to get your assignment

·   Please RSVP the Team Leader of the area in which you're interested in helping

Operations & Site Management                
30 volunteers needed
Team Leaders: Nicole & Alison

The Site Management team oversees event site set-up/tear down; food & beverage set-up; contact & co-ordinate with emergency/first-aid services if necessary; constant communication with the various Team Leaders; overall site-maintenance throughout event period; traffic & parking marshalling, etc.

-  Site Maintenance Crew Member – 8 openings
-  Set-up & Tear Down/Site Management Crew Member – 10 openings
-  Traffic Marshalls – 12 openings

5 volunteers needed
Team Leader: Charles

The Photography/Videography team is to record the event's exciting happenings, candid shots/video of volunteers/sponsors/attendees during the event.  The works may be used in other marketing collaterals thereafter.  Photography students, amateurs, professionals are welcomed.  Please submit reference work (CD, DVD, url link, etc).

-   Event Photographers – 2 openings
-   Event Videographers – 2 openings

Volunteers Management
10 volunteers needed                          
Team Leader: Linda

The Volunteers Management team is responsible for overseeing all volunteer liaison, event & role orientation activities, check-in & out volunteers on site; position assigning & scheduling of volunteers; distributing volunteer T-Shirts & name tags; overseeing the distribution of 2-way radios and phones to staff/team leaders, maintaining charged 2-way radio batteries; resolving any issues pertaining to volunteers matters, etc.

Event Planning & Coordination
2 volunteers needed
Team Leader: Grace

The Event Planning & Co-ordination team will help plan, coordinate and execute the event. Volunteers on this team will get insight into how an event is planned and executed.  Volunteers must be available minimum 3 times a week to work from the HFHB office from now till event date, and have to be available on November 2nd.

-   Assistant Event Planner & Coordinators – 2 openings

Hospitality Management
12 volunteers needed
Team Leader: Needed   Contact Grace   

The Hospitality Management team provides front line, top-calibre customer service on event and area information.  These volunteers must have knowledge of HFHB and the Elliott House – information available. The team will help create an exceptional event experience for all guests. 

-   Hospitality Team Co-Team Leaders – 2 openings
-   Information/Friendship Ambassador - 10 openings

Guest Management
5 volunteers needed
Team Leader: Needed   Contact Grace

The Sponsorship Management team is the liaison with all the various guests off-site & on-site to ensure that their needs are taken care of -, e.g. check-in of guests, distribute name tags, help locate their assigned seats during the ceremony, etc

-   Guest Management Team Leader – 1 opening
-   Guest Coordinators – 4 openings

Program Management
3 volunteers needed
Team Leader: Needed   Contact Grace

The Program Management team will liaise, co-ordinate, check-in and out with all event speakers.  The team will be responsible for running a smooth program scheduling on day of event.  Program Management Team Leader – 1 opening

-   Program Management Coordinators – 2 openings

Habitat for Humanity Brampton
268 Rutherford Rd. S. Unit 3
Brampton, ON L6W 3N3

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