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Brampton Celebrates Local Government Week
By Linda Jeffrey, MPP Brampton Centre | Published  10/23/2008 | Political News | Unrated
Linda Jeffrey, MPP Brampton Centre
Linda Jeffrey Jeffrey was first elected municipally in 1991 and served four successful terms on Brampton City Council. In 2003, Jeffrey was elected MPP for the riding of Brampton Centre. She was re-elected in 2007 in the riding of Brampton-Springdale.In the last parliament, Jeffrey served as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Children and Youth Services, the Minister Responsible for Democratic Renewal and the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. Currently Mrs. Jeffrey serves as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. 

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  Building Community Awareness
With Ontario's Students

Brampton is working with its local school board to celebrate Local Government Week, which runs from October 19-25, 2008.

Local Government Week will engage Ontario's children and youth about:

  • How communities are run
  • Local leaders and what they do
  • Career and volunteer opportunities in local public service.

Local Government Week is a project of the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO), supported by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO).

As part of assisting students to learn more about government, Linda Jeffrey MPP Brampton Springdale will be addressing a number of grade 5 students in Brampton about the role of provincial government.

"As a former municipal councilor, I know first hand how relevant local government is to all our lives," said Mrs. Jeffrey."When visiting schools, I've found students very receptive to learning about community stewardship & responsible citizenship in their local communities."

"Local government manages and delivers the services that make an immediate impact on the quality of life of all Bramptonians," said Mayor Susan Fennell."It is very important that our children and youth understand how municipal government works, how we fund and deliver important programs and services, and that our children meet the municipal staff and elected officials who decide how these programs and services are delivered."

"Local Government Week provides a dynamic, experiential environment for learning," said Janet McDougald, Chair of the Board of the Peel District School Board. "It puts a face to municipal government and officials and creates an understanding of municipalities and how they affect our daily lives."

Quick Facts
Teacher Resource Kits are available to schools to help plan activities for Local Government Week.

·Participation by municipalities and schools is voluntary.

Learn More
Visit for more information about Local Government Week.

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