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Business Person of the Year
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published  10/10/2008 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Brampton Board of Trade
Since 1887, The Brampton Board of Trade has served the needs of Brampton's business community. Whether a home-based operation or a large multi-national company, we are here to represent you. We identify issues and lobby all levels of government on your behalf and that of the Brampton Business community. Our members include: small businesses, corporate executives, public officials, community organizations, consultants, engineers...and the list goes on. Call us at 905.451.1122

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The Brampton Board of Trade is accepting nominations for the 2008 Business Person of the Year.

The nominee should be a person whose business is in the City of Brampton; who possesses unimpeachable character; has proven leadership skills and someone who has made a major contribution to the business climate of Brampton and the community at large.

Business person nominees are restricted to the private sector.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, Oct. 31, at 4:00 p.m. The nominee must sign his/her nomination form to acknowledge their willingness to have their name stand for consideration. A one page detailed description of why the nominee should be selected must also be attached to the nomination form, which is available at

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