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Volunteer Opportunity: Wish Grantor
By Volunteer Positions | Published  09/25/2008 | Adult Volunteer Opportunities | Rating:
Volunteer Positions
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Wish Grantor (2 openings)

Position Purpose: 
To deliver quality wishes in a timely manner to eligible children referred to Make-A-Wish® Toronto & Central Ontario (MAWFT&CO). 
1. Complete and submit all necessary documents. 
2. Complete training program and keep current with changes. 
3. Contact the Wish Granting Manager when issues arise. 
4. Visit the Yonge Street Office when needed to pick up supplies and to return documentation.  
 •  Fulfill all aspects of the wish granting process in a timely manner by means of a fun and creative process. 
•  Make no promises to the child and family. 
•  Work cooperatively with other wish Grantors, volunteers, and office staff. 
•  Conduct interviews with the wish child and family to identify the child's wish and maintain contact until wish is completed. 
•  Ensure all necessary paperwork is completed and delivered to the MAWFT&CO office in a timely fashion. 
•  Keep the best interest of the child and Foundation in mind when interacting with difficult people, keeping in accordance with all policies. 
•  Update MAWFT&CO office on progress made during the fulfilling of a wish. Remember communication is the key to a successful wish experience for everyone involved! 
•  Work as a team and remember to instruct new wish grantors. Learning comes through experience. Keep in mind that you will learn something new on each wish. 
•  Offer suggestions on how to improve the process through feedback forums. 
•  Present yourself with MAWFT&CO identification in the form of a t-shirt, pin, volunteer business cards and ID badge at all times. 

For more information contact:
Michelle Masters 
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Toronto & Central Ontario
520-4211 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON  M2P 2A9
Phone: 416-223-2620 x 229
Fax:  416-223-1484

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