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Redesign Redefines Recycling
By Home Sense | Published  09/4/2008 | Home & Family | Rating:
Home Sense
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  New spin on recycling can save
hundreds of square meters at the landfill

Brampton - In a world where recycling conjures up images of blue boxes, green symbols and the fear of global warming, one woman is putting a more decorative spin on the recyclingconcept.  After all, recycling isn't just about paper and pop bottles.  It's also about rediscovering the beauty in what we already have, simply by rearranging and repurposing with a fresh perspective. 

And that is what Sandi Gerrard will show you how to do.  Give her a day in your dated and dysfunctional room, and she will give it a new look with your favorite stuff before you despair and send it all off to the landfill. 

"I can look at what appears to be a lot of old stuff with a new set of eyes", she explains.  Entering a room, she immediately begins to assess what you have and where it should go.  After learning more about you, your lifestyle and the use for the room and "shopping the house" for other treasures she begins her redesign.

The results are incredible.   "I have had people come in at the end of the day and get tears of gratitude in their eyes."  (When was the last time you cried tears of joy over a recycled pop can?)

"It just shows you that there is more to recycling than meets the eye" says Gerrard.  Four years of redesign and hundreds of homes later, one can only wonder how many square meters of land fill she has saved just by looking at things differently.   

Gerrard offers several simple tips for recycling furniture or fabric in redesign.

  • Remove old style window toppers and use the fabric for accent cushions
  • Update or change the lampshades (instead of the entire lamp)
  • Use odd or mismatched end tables in a guest room as bedside tables
  • Use slipcovers to change the entire look of  a good quality chair
  • Paint an old cabinet or table for a different look if you are tired of the wood tone

For more information or an interview with Sandi Gerrard on going green with ReDesign please contact Sandi directly at (416) 795-9840 or

About Sandi Gerrard
Sandi Gerrard is a Certified ReDesign & Staging Specialist (CRSS)™ and President of the Canadian ReDesigner's Association (CRDA).  Her company, 'Feel at Home' is located in Brampton, ON, and she serves the GTA.  Sandi has also been a tireless volunteer, creating Havens for Healing in association with Ovarian Cancer Canada.

About CRDA
The Canadian ReDesigners Association (CRDA) is the first and only non-profit interior redesign and home staging organization in Canada.  More information can be found at

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by faye ego)
    Great article...I used Sandi's services when we were moving and downsizing.... incredibly helpful on both aspects of the move... showcasing the home (of 35 years) for resale..and incorporating and assisting in our "new look."
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