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Algoma U Granted Full University Status
By Business Notes | Published  07/23/2008 | Student Area , Community News | Rating:
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  Brampton Area Students
Can Study at Province's
Newest University
without Leaving Home

(SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – JUNE 11th, 2008): On the 29th of May the Ontario legislature passed legislation to create a new university in Sault Ste. Marie. Formerly an affiliated college of Laurentian University, Algoma University will become the province's 22nd degree-granting public university and is the first new university to be established since 2002.

Since 2006 GTA-area students have been able to pursue an accelerated second degree from Algoma University without relocating to Sault Ste. Marie, thanks to an innovative partnership the university has with the Education Invention Centre of Canada (EICC) in Brampton. The partnership between EICC and Algoma U allows students who already hold an undergraduate degree in another field the opportunity to obtain a second degree in either Information Technology or Computer Science from Algoma University in just 12 months.

"We're very pleased to have been in partnership with EICC for the last several years," says Deborah Loosemore, Algoma University's Director of Advancement and External Relations."EICC helps us to service a unique demographic within the Greater Toronto Area, namely students who already possess a university degree but are looking for additional skills to advance in a competitive job market."

"With the advent of our independence from Laurentian, we will be adding more degree programs and creating new opportunities for students, both on-campus and through distance-education partnerships with organizations such as EICC," adds Loosemore.

"The accelerated second degree program is a great option for many immigrants and new Canadians who have settled in the GTA who are looking to acquire a degree from a Canadian institution," says Harpal Dhaliwal, President of EICC. "Now that Algoma has been granted full university status, there will be even more incentive for students to participate in this unique program."

About Algoma University
Algoma University is home to approximately 1,200 students. Offering a wide variety of liberal arts and sciences degree options including programs in Computer Science, Business Administration, Fine Arts, Community Economic & Social Development, and Biology; Algoma U is committed to offering a personal education experience unlike any university in Ontario. To learn more, visit
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