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Brampton Board of Trade CEO leaving
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published  07/10/2008 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Brampton Board of Trade
Since 1887, The Brampton Board of Trade has served the needs of Brampton's business community. Whether a home-based operation or a large multi-national company, we are here to represent you. We identify issues and lobby all levels of government on your behalf and that of the Brampton Business community. Our members include: small businesses, corporate executives, public officials, community organizations, consultants, engineers...and the list goes on. Call us at 905.451.1122

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Brampton 09 July 2007 - The Brampton Board of Trade announced today that Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Leiba, has tendered his resignation, effective July 25, to take on the role as President and CEO of the Mississauga Board of Trade.  Mr. Leiba has been at The Brampton Board of Trade for over seven years, serving the past four-and-a-half years as CEO.

"Sheldon Leiba has been instrumental to the growth and success of The Brampton Board of Trade, demonstrating exceptional leadership on issues affecting business and supporting business development in our community," says Carman McClelland, President of The Brampton Board of Trade. 

In May, The Brampton Board of Trade was recognized with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce's prestigious Advocacy Award, and over the past two years has also won provincial awards for its connecting employers and skilled immigrants initiatives and its membership directory.  The Brampton Board of Trade has also recently been notified by the Chamber Accreditation Council of Canada that it will receive "Chamber Accreditation with Distinction" status having satisfied the highest level of chamber of commerce standards and practices.

"We are extremely proud that The Brampton Board of Trade is in a very strong position. While Sheldon will be missed, he has built a strong organizational and personnel foundation upon which the Board can build for the future. We also look forward to working with him in his new capacity and wish him the same professional success that he achieved with The Brampton Board of Trade, and also wish him and his family 'all the best'," says McClelland. 

The Governing Council of The Brampton Board of Trade has established a selection committee to commence a recruitment process to identify a suitable replacement for the CEO position.

The Brampton Board of Trade is the leading business association in Brampton, representing over 1,150 member organizations of various sizes and sectors.

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