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Helping Aging Drivers
By Automotive News & Tips | Published  07/10/2006 | Automotive | Unrated
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The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) launched 'Helping Aging Drivers' an interactive web site aimed at senior drivers and their families. The web site provides educational material and techniques to recognize driving ability and limitations, and help through the transition when it becomes time to reduce or stop driving.

"Our population is getting older. Although age is not necessarily an indicator of driving ability, more and more families have to deal with this issue," said David Flewelling, President of the Canadian Automobile Association. "Our Helping Aging Drivers web site provides tools and resources for motorists to be proactive in educating themselves and their families on the challenges that driving presents as we age. By addressing the safety of aging drivers now, we can help ensure safety of all road users in the future."

The site features online tools and resources for drivers to stay mobile behind the wheel for as long as is safely possible:

- CarFit, an interactive guide to adapting an existing vehicle for older drivers, is designed to help senior drivers find out how well they currently fit their vehicle and what actions they might take to improve that fit.

- Tips for Older Drivers provides resources and information to help aging drivers stay safely behind the wheel.It also contains advice on how to safely cope with a decline in vision and information on safety and mobility features that are available in new vehicles.

- Children and grandchildren of older drivers need help too. How to Help an Older Driver is a web brochure that is a resource for families who have concerns about a loved one's driving safety.The brochure explains how to look for signs of deteriorating ability, such as changes in their vision, attention and physical abilities.

The site also has a quiz that permits drivers to gauge their driving performance and an online survey.

To read more about how you can help the aging drivers in your life, go to

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