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Volunteer Opportunities: BMFA Political Advisor
By Brampton Minor Football Association | Published  05/8/2008 | Adult Volunteer Opportunities | Unrated
Brampton Minor Football Association
Brampton Minor Football Association's (BMFA) philosophy is not to win at all costs. It is to develop a winning attitude through good coaching, teaching good football skills, fair and safe play, team play and achieving common goals.

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Name = Brampton Minor Football Association

Description = The mission of the Brampton Minor Football Association is to educate and introduce young athletes to the personal and community-wide benefits associated with teamwork, discipline, respect and sacrifice.

Title = Political Advisor

Job Description = Working with our event coordinator you would be assigned duties as required.This will included but not limited to helping with field setup and tear down for games. Some lifting of boxes or other items may be required from time to time.Cleaning up the storage area.

Skills = Be a people person, A positive attitude, Able to work with young kids through to young adults, Able to follow directions, Working outdoors, Be able to commit at lease 5 hours at a time for Friday nights games, Saturday games, and maybe some Sunday games.

Skills to learn = Organizational Skills, People Skills, Confidence building, The ability to work with and deal with many different attitudes

Time = May to July & Aug. to Nov

Location = Brampton

Contact person = Christine Boswell

How to apply = Go to and send a e-mail to Christine Boswell with a brief description of what your volunteer experience is or why you'd make a good volunteer.

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