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Ontario Helps Newcomers Get Settled
By Linda Jeffrey, MPP Brampton Centre | Published  05/6/2008 | Political News , City/Region News | Rating:
Linda Jeffrey, MPP Brampton Centre
Linda Jeffrey Jeffrey was first elected municipally in 1991 and served four successful terms on Brampton City Council. In 2003, Jeffrey was elected MPP for the riding of Brampton Centre. She was re-elected in 2007 in the riding of Brampton-Springdale.In the last parliament, Jeffrey served as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Children and Youth Services, the Minister Responsible for Democratic Renewal and the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. Currently Mrs. Jeffrey serves as the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. 

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McGuinty Government Invests
in Services for Newcomers

Brampton, ON 28 Apr 08 - Newcomers to Brampton are getting help from the Ontario government to find jobs and build their future.

The province is investing $244,772 in three local agencies to help newcomers settle in our community and get off to a good start in their new lives. Through the Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP), more than $5.3 million is being invested across Ontario to help an estimated 82,000 newcomers access services such as skills training, orientation, and job-finding workshops. An additional $1.1 million will go toward assisting agencies to improve service through staff training and upgrading equipment and facilities provincially.

"Newcomers bring their talent, skills, education and global experience that help Brampton prosper," said Linda Jeffrey, MPP Brampton Springdale. "That is why our government is working with community partners to give newcomers the best start possible."

The agencies receiving funding are the African Community Services of Peel, Brampton Multicultural Community Centre & the Brampton Neighbourhood Resource Centre.

Other Ontario initiatives designed to help newcomers integrate successfully into communities include:
- Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement (COIA) which provides $920 million over five years for settlement services and language training in Ontario
- bridge training programs to help internationally-trained professionals get jobs in their field sooner
- English and French as a second language training

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