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Let Me be Me - Computer Camp for Kids
By Community Notes | Published  03/8/2008 | Student Area , Community News | Rating:
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Mississauga - I was a kid that grew up on computers. Whether it was my dad's original punch-card reader, to the brand-spanking new Commodore 64 we bought years later, I was always excited and curious every time a new machine rolled in. But most of the time that passion was lost on my schoolyard friends, and I'd find myself shying away from talking about my geeky tendencies.

Upon returning from school one day, my dad approached me about this 'Computer Camp' he had heard of. I was an introverted kid at the time, and so my first reaction was a big 'No'. I had been made fun of regularly for the way I compared CPU speeds like others I knew compared sports teams, or for knowing things like the history of Apple Computers down to the letter. So why should I believe that these kids at 'Computer Camp' would be any different?

Years later, I'm sitting here writing this article and thinking about those experiences I had, and to be completely honest I can't picture myself in the position I am without the Computer Camp program. Quite the pat on the back, won't you agree? So what was so amazing? Looking back retrospectively, the answer is simple:

My instructors loved technology and computers. The kids around me loved technology and computers. And most of all, for those few weeks I could be me.

It's now 2008 and we're gearing up for a new, exciting season at the Computer Camp for Kids. We're introducing courses in Music, Painting, Photography, and much more. We're brining in the best Camp counselors from programs around Peel to create true camp atmosphere. New software and hardware, new activities and competitions will all contribute to making each week an unforgettable experience.

But the one thing that will never change is our philosophy, which allows every student to honestly 'be me'.

If you'd like more information, or just to chat about what we do, please feel free to give me a call at 905 949 0049 x 3225. You can also check out our website at

Riyaad Ali
Coordinator, Computer Camp for Kids

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