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Call for reform in the visa system
By Hon. Gurbax Singh Malhi | Published  12/21/2007 | Political News | Rating:
Hon. Gurbax Singh Malhi
The Honourable Gurbax Singh Malhi is the Member of Parliament for Bramalea-Gore--Malton. He was first elected to the the House of Commons in 1993 and was subsequently re-elected in 1997, 2000, 2004 and 2006. Mr. Malhi is the first turbaned Sikh elected to the Canadian House of Commons.

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   Comments by Canadian visa official
are evidence of a flawed system

Brampton - Inflammatory comments allegedly made by a Canadian official in New Delhi are evidence of a deeply flawed visa system and must be condemned by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Diane Finley stated the Honourable Gurbax Singh Malhi, Member of Parliament for Bramalea-Gore-Malton.

"This government has repeatedly ignored my calls for reform in the visa system," said Mr. Malhi. "The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration must immediately condemn these comments and act to ensure that the visa system works fairly and without prejudice for all applicants, regardless of their race, religion, or place of origin."

Mr. Malhi was responding to yesterday's report in the Globe and Mail that chief visa officer Brian Hudson allegedly told a delegation visiting the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi that Canada should not be making efforts to recruit students and professionals from the Punjab region of India.

"For over a hundred years Punjabis have thrived in every facet of Canadian society," continued Mr. Malhi. "This type of comment shows a complete lack of respect for all people of Punjabi origin in Canada and around the world."

"Minister Finley needs to stop avoiding this issue and immediately address the deeply-rooted problems and discriminatory attitudes present in the visa system," said Mr. Malhi.

According to British Columbia Attorney-General Wally Oppal, visa officer Brian Hudson "said he did not understand why the heck we were recruiting in the Punjab." Mr. Oppal's claim was made following a recent trip to India by a group of B.C. college and university leaders. The delegation was visiting the country in an effort to attract Indian students and professionals to Canada.

Office of the Hon. Gurbax Singh Malhi, P.C., M.P.
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