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Brampton Auto Mall Collision Centre Opens
By Automotive News & Tips | Published  11/22/2007 | Automotive | Rating:
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  Collision Centre Leads the Way
in Environmental Leadership

Brampton - Brampton Auto Mall Collision Centre hosted the grand opening of their new facility and highlighted the advanced, environmentally friendly technology that sets them apart from other collision centres – the use of Dupont™ Cromax Pro waterborne basecoat and 2 brand new Garmat downdraft booths.

"Although we have our storefront right in Brampton Auto Mall" begins Body Shop Manager John Cook, "we've opened this shop in the Rice Business Centre to facilitate the increased volume needed to service customers of Brampton Auto Mall's up to 6800 cars per year for ANY make of car, including the cars from the 7 dealerships in Brampton Auto Mall: Planet Ford, Brampton Mitsubishi, Kia of Brampton, Brampton North Nissan, Classic Honda, Mazda of Brampton and Suzuki of Brampton".

"We hope to double our capacity within 2 years; we now have 19 staff and we will go to 32 and we'll operate 2 shifts", explains Cook, "and because we're a Select Service provider for many insurance companies, we need to offer competitive appraisals backed by our integrity".

This bright, airy shop boasts of 2 brand new Garmat downdraft booths which are the centre stage to the most dramatic change in collision processing – use of Dupont™ Cromax Pro waterborne basecoat, which reduces solvent emission by a whopping 90%!

The Government of Canada estimates that over 6 kilotonnes of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are emitted each year from coatings and surface cleaners used in automotive refinishing. New legislation is proposed to take effect January 1, 2009 but Brampton Auto Mall has already voluntarily exceeded these suggested guidelines well in advance of the proposed regulation.

The official opening event was attended by several insurance company representatives who were interested in learning more about VOCs and reduced basecoat emissions. Also attending were representatives from Dupont Canada.

Dupont Marketing Communications Manager Logan Macpherson noted that as well as the 90% solvent emissions reduction due to the exclusive use of Dupont™ Cromax Pro basecoat, the Garmat downdraft booths added additional energy savings because they use only dry air, with no heat use. "We're here for Brampton Auto Mall Collision Centre which is the first collision centre in Brampton and among the first in Ontario to adopt this new Government-compliant technology".

Dupont's Business Manager, Collision Repair, Brian Edwards celebrated the new product launched today as he spoke surrounded by banners stating 'In Partnership with the Environment'."We all realized this was 'the right thing to do' and we will do it right the first time and we will do it right for Brampton".

Dupont Associate Chemist Bruce Henderson continued "Three years ago, Dupont didn't have anyone doing what I'm doing. We got involved early to make sure we did things right. Brampton Auto Mall now meets and exceeds the new guidelines and we're ready to prepare for future regulations".

Brampton Auto Mall Collision Centre Body Shop Manager John Cook has the last word, "We'll do what it takes to make our customers happy". Cook continues, "We'll give 110% to make our customer happy. Our customers need to know they're in the right place, that they've chosen the right collision centre and we need to and will be accountable for everything we do for our customers. We'll do what's right".

Written by Marcia Barhydt for The Brampton News.
Copyright 2007 Brampton Media Corp

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