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MP Navdeep Singh Bains calls for action
By Government Notes | Published  11/15/2007 | Political News | Rating:
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  Liberal MP Navdeep Singh Bains
calls for action on manufacturing

Brampton, ON 09 Nov 07 – Brampton has become the latest victim in a manufacturing crisis that the Conservative Government refuses to act on. Last week Chrysler announced that it was cutting 12,000 jobs, including over 1100 jobs at their Brampton plant. Today, the Hon. Navdeep Singh Bains, Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Brampton South and Critic for International Trade along with other area MPs, met with representatives of the Canadian Auto Worker's Union to discuss the cuts.

"Today's meeting with the CAW has reinforced just how grave the situation has become for manufacturing in Ontario," said Mr. Bains. "These hard working Canadians (auto workers) have the most to lose from this government's inaction."

At the top of the agenda were concerns regarding the proposed South Korea Free Trade Agreement. This deal threatens to make a bad situation worse by only addressing tariffs instead of the real barriers that keep Canadian goods out of the South Korean market.

"Canada only exports one car for every 400 that South Korea imports," said Mr. Bains."This is with tariff levels that are at relatively the same level. A deal that fails to address non tariff barriers will not only be a bad deal for the auto sector, but for all Canadian manufacturers."

"As negotiations on South Korea draw to a close, the Liberal Opposition will work with concerned stakeholders, to bring attention to this bad deal in the hopes that the Conservatives will finally act responsibly and do what's best for Canada."

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