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Chrysler Brampton Assembly Plant Job Cuts
By Business Notes | Published  11/1/2007 | Automotive , Business & Finance | Rating:
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Chrysler Job Cuts Devastating, Federal Government Must Act, Hargrove Says

Brampton - The elimination of the third shift at Chrysler's Brampton assembly plant announced November 1 by the auto maker is "just horrible, horrible news," CAW President Buzz Hargrove said.

Hargrove said at a media conference the latest job cuts at Chrysler will have a ripple effect at parts suppliers that will mean thousands more lost jobs.

Chrysler LLC announced November 1 it's ending the third shift in Brampton with the loss of 1,000 direct jobs. Production of the Dodge Magnum in Brampton will end in early 2008.

Windsor will lose hundreds more jobs with the production of the Chrysler Pacifica cross-over ending on November 26. Several parts plants including the Innovatech plant and a Benteler Automotive facility that solely supply for the Pacifica will close. Many other parts workers will also be directly impacted. Chrysler also announced job cuts at four U.S. plants.

Hargrove blasted the Harper Conservative government for refusing to take action to deal with the high value of the Canadian dollar or to deal with the devastating impact of unfair auto trade from Japan and South Korea.

"The problem is the imports and our lack of access to those markets that are shipping here," Hargrove said. He demanded the Harper government immediately withdraw from any further talks between Canada and South Korea aimed at reaching a free trade agreement.

"We are in a crisis and are completely frustrated and angry," Hargrove said regarding the federal government's refusal to deal with the crisis in the automotive sector. Prior to October 31 the Harper government refused to even admit there is a problem. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's latest big announcement of huge tax cuts for corporations will do nothing to help the ailing auto industry, Hargrove stressed.

The loss of the third shift at Brampton will affect many young families with mortgages and other bills as layoffs will likely impact those workers hired after 1997.

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