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Kids' Safety on Halloween Night
By Region of Peel | Published  10/26/2007 | Community News , Home & Family | Unrated
Region of Peel
The Region of Peel delivers a wide range of programs and services to more than one million citizens every day. This includes ambulance services, public health, long-term care, child care, waste collection, recycling and disposal, water and wastewater services, Regional road construction and maintenance, social assistance and affordable rental housing. Regional Headquarters are located at 10 Peel Centre Dr., Brampton, ON. Phone Number: 905-791-7800. 

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Peel Paramedics Treat Kids to Safety on Halloween Night

Brampton - Before filling their trick-or-treat bags with candy, kids are encouraged to pick up their first treat––a glow bracelet and Halloween safety tips from Peel Paramedics on Halloween night.

"Halloween is an exciting time of year, but it's important for parents and children to make safety a priority," says Randy Diceman, Public Awareness and Prevention Officer. "The safety advice provided by our paramedics will help ensure that the scariest things on Halloween will be the costumes."

Between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m., paramedics will remind children about the importance of staying safe on Halloween night at the following locations:

·  Terry Miller Recreation Centre, 1295 Williams Pkwy., Brampton

·  Zehrs Market, 487 Queen St. S., Bolton

·  Malton Community Centre, 3450 Morning Star Dr., Mississauga

Here are some safety tips to help you prepare for Halloween:

·  Oct. 31 might be a chilly night, so ensure costumes are loose enough to be worn over warm clothing, but not so baggy or long that trick-or-treaters can trip over their costumes;

·Choose brightly-coloured costumes that are clearly visible to motorists. For greater visibility, add reflective tape to costumes;

·  Makeup and face paint are better than masks. If your child's costume does have a mask, ensure it is one that allows your child to see and breathe easily;

·  Trick-or-treaters should not eat any goodies until they are examined by a parent or guardian; and

·  Ensure your child knows not to take shortcuts through backyards, alleys or parks.

Peel Paramedics respond to more than 70,000 emergency medical calls every year. For more information about Peel Regional Paramedic Services, visit or call 905-791-7800, ext. 3956.

The Regional Municipality of Peel was incorporated in 1974 on the principle that certain community and infrastructure services are most cost-effectively administered over a larger geographic area. The Region of Peel serves more than one million residents in the Cities of Brampton and Mississauga and the Town of Caledon.

For more information on the Region of Peel, please call 905-791-7800, or visit our website at

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