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Volunteers Needed: Specialty Care Woodhall Park
By Community Notes | Published  10/12/2007 | Student Volunteer Opportunities , Adult Volunteer Opportunities | Unrated
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Name = Specialty Care Woodhall Park

Description = Long Term Care Facility

Title = Volunteer

Job Description = Assisting in the Recreation Department, planning and implementing programs of interest for our residents.

Skills = Compassionate, caring and enjoy helping others

Skills to learn = As a Volunteer, you will enrich the lives of our residents and bridge the gap of what once seemed impossible, to now being possible. Your life will be touched by the friendships you will make and the memories the residents will share with you. In the time you spend here, you will undoubtedly bring many smiles to many faces, with the hope of yours being the biggest smile.

Time = 5 hours week, flexible schedule is available.

Location = 10260 Kennedy Road North, Brampton

Contact Person = Catherine Beattie 905-495-6852

How to apply = Call Catherine at 905-495-6852 or drop in at reception area and pick up an application package.

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